You know those stories, of amazing ideas, that were born in a California garage from a tangle of electronics and passionate inspiration?

Well, this is a great one.

But this story isn't about building electronics. It's about making magic. And because our founders are former Disney executives - with magic in their DNA - no one could stop them.

People create their own magic every time they take a picture. They simply need an easy way to bring the magic of their personal pictures back into their lives, and so CEIVA was born.

A connected picture frame that can receive and display photos sent from anywhere in the world. An elegant device that gives people back their magic by setting their photos free. We've been touching peoples lives and connecting friends and families with their personal photos ever since.

Many other digital frame companies have come and gone, but CEIVA stands the test of time, because it's the only one that has been connected since the very first day it emerged from that garage.

Just like magic.

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